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The Most Exalted One

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Queen of Egypt
We are afraid to live and scared to die.
I am old enough to understand that when someone walks away, there always gonna come back, and if they don't come back...they were never really there.

♥I hate to go outside... I usually sit inside on my computer all alone... -_- Cause I'm lame like that...
♥I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or anything like that. No, it's not just because I'm a nice girl. It's because I don't want to. Accept that or die -_-
♥If you add me to your friend list. It will make me feel special. And that makes me happy. So feel free to do. Just don't be disappointed if I don't add you in return. And please talk to me if you do.
♥If you would make me a sign. I will love♥ you so much and you will be a lucky one to get in my little fanbox ^^, AND I' will make you one back. I just need some time o_O

post-punk † goth † ebm † industrial † new wave † synth