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Queen of Egypt

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Answer for question 4495. [Aug. 28th, 2015|05:14 pm]
Queen of Egypt
How do you define "true love"? Have you ever been in love? If you're currently with someone you love, how's the relationship going?
I find it's a lot of work, and most days I am the one doing all of the planning and stressing out about being late. The other person is as calm as a cucumber. Sometimes we go dutch, other times I pay for all of the dinner dates. Sometimes it's good, other times I am told I am fat, ugly and made to feel worthless. Sometimes I have to do 50 shades of Grey. Other times I am compared to other girls and told I am plump. I am being destroyed most times only to have to build myself up. I hardly ever get a compliment anymore. It was fun in the beginning now it's just become a chore and I dream about being held and kissed like in the movies.I feel like only his interests matter. I don't even get to go out and watch a movie I like. I didn't know true love would suffocate me so much.